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Services and Classes

Animal Communication Session Rates



(The old rate stays the same for my current clients.)

The price includes a recording or transcript to be emailed to you after the session.

Note: Checks only, please, at present. Your check must be received and cleared before our appointment date.

I am planning to accept credit card payments on this website in 2017.

Learn Reiki

You can give yourself and your loved ones the daily gift of Reiki by becoming a Reiki practitioner. What does it mean?

You can learn the basics of Reiki in a short time. Walk out of your Reiki 1 class empowered to offer Reiki to anyone in your circle of family, friends, and most definitely your pets.

The basics learned in class are just the beginning. Then you … begin your practice! That means developing your routines and habits as a practitioner:

  • Giving yourself regular self-Reiki treatments
  • Following the 5 Reiki Precepts
  • Using Reiki meditations and exercises to strengthen your connection to Reiki energy

Your practice deepens over time, and you become more clearly aligned with your true, shining self.

And yes, your Reiki practice helps you approach your animals when you’re at your best — more balanced every day. Your animals will appreciate it!


Reiki Classes & Treatments

I teach 2 lineages of traditional Japanese Usui Reiki:

Animal Reiki follows the principles established by Kathleen Prasad. This is a traditional Usui lineage. I teach Reiki degrees 1 and 2. Certificates are for the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).


Animal Reiki — Level 1. Reiki training for both people and animals. $175
Animal Reiki
— Level 2. Reiki training for both people and animals. $200

All prices include course manual and certificate.

NOTE to shelters, sanctuaries and rescues: All Reiki instruction is offered free of charge to shelter staff. For staff members, I ask only a materials fee (around $20) to cover the cost of the manual.

Reiki instruction is half price for shelter, sanctuary or rescue volunteers, and the price includes the manual.

Upcoming Classes Winter 2018

The 2018 teaching schedule is not yet set up. Interested in forming a class? Other questions? Email me at


Reiki Treatment Rates

People AND/OR animal Reiki treatment sessions

  • One-hour in-person Reiki treatment: $70
  • Half-hour distance treatment: $40
  • Not all sessions need to be in person
  • In-person rates exclude travel expenses beyond the Hudson Valley
  • A discount will be applied if an animal Reiki session runs less than 1 hour



I’m an active member of Hudson Valley Community Reiki. Our volunteer group appears around our region at various health and wellness events.

Here is our calendar of appearances: