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Bio and Testimonials

My Bio

  • Co-lead, Ulster County Animal Response Team. 2014
  • Taught Okuden level to staff and volunteers at Warwick Valley Humane Society. 2014
  • Attained Reiki teacher (Shinpiden) degree, Animal Reiki Source. SARA teacher. Kathleen Prasad. 2012
  • Animal Farm Foundation, Reiki volunteer. 2012-2015
  • Animal communication class. Penelope Smith. 2011
  • Teaching Reiki for animals, UCSPCA. 2011-present
  • Attained Reiki teacher (Shinpiden) degree, Komyo Reiki Kai. Hyakuten Inamoto. 2010
  • Co-founder, Hudson Valley Community Reiki. 2009-present
  • Begin volunteering, Ulster County SPCA, offering Reiki to resident animals. 2007-present
  • SPARK volunteer, NYC. 2007-2010
  • Attained Reiki teacher degree, Usui lineage. Nita Renfrew. 2008
  • Ordained as a priest. Order of Melchizedek. 2007
  • Animal communication classes. Dawn Hayman. 2006, 2008
  • Attained Reiki degrees 1 & 2. Usui and Komyo Reiki Kai lineages. 2006
  • Safe Horizon Community Trauma Response Team member, NYC. 2005-2008
  • Channeling Intro & Channeling as a Professional courses. Lori Wilson. 2005, 2008
  • Owner of Chocolat de Liz, artisanal chocolate company. 2003-2008
  • Creator of, dedicated to helping those fearful of water. 1999-present
  • Instructor, Classical Animation foundation courses. Ringling School of Art and Design. 1993-1994
  • Working in classical animation. NYC, Ireland, Berlin, Tel Aviv. 1985-1999
  • BFA, Classical Animation. Sheridan College, Canada. 1991
  • MA, Psychology, MSW. SUNY Albany. 1981, 1983


Teacher for the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA)

Reiki teaching certificates

Liz Wassell Komyo Reiki Kai Shinpiden July 2010

Komyo Reiki Kai Shinpiden certificate, 7/2010


Animal Reiki Source Shinpiden, 9/2012

Animal Reiki Source Shinpiden certificate, 9/2012

Contact me

Phone: (917) 513-5993 


Profile of my Reiki work at the Ulster County SPCA, The Bark magazine, Winter 2014



Liz’s gentle and open heart created a space of non-judgment — perfect for Reiki teaching.
I am honored and humbled to have had the privilege of learning from her.

SB, Kingston, NY


The words that Liz conveyed to us certainly sounded like the individual “voices” of each of our different Afghans, all of whom have their own personality and which Liz could not have known from her brief interaction with them.
Working with Liz helped us to be more sensitive to the nuances of what they were going through. She also taught us some of the basics of animal communication, which has added richness to our daily interactions.

EF, New Paltz, NY


My cats (and my household) benefited greatly by your kitty communication with them.
There is no more attacking going on. The 2 kitties who were at odds can now sleep next to each other.
I was very impressed how you described each of the cat’s purrsonalities without ever meeting them.

CH, Highland, NY


There were too many times that specific information was offered that no one outside our tight family circle could know. We became believers. If possible, the opportunity to hear from them has made my wife and I much more sensitive to our dogs, and we have all become closer for it. I talk to the dogs much more, and feel there is understanding on their part.  Your capabilities have added greatly to the enjoyment of sharing our lives with our dogs.



It was an amazing feeling to connect directly with my cats through Liz. Liz is also a sensitive and gifted Reiki practitioner. Between communication sessions and Reiki sessions, Merlin’s condition has actually improved. It has been amazing to witness this transformation from when he was first diagnosed to now. I know that my time with Merlin is limited but it brings me such comfort to know that Liz has been and will continue to help me through this process. And when it comes time for Merlin to move on, I know that Liz will be there for me and my other cats. Thank you!

LW, Merlin, Diego, and Yimi, Brooklyn, NY


Liz turned what could have been a truly devastating experience into one of understanding and comfort because of the communication she had with Sweetie. For me, Liz was the light at the end of the dark tunnel that I needed during my time of despair, knowing I had to end the life of the furry friend I loved with all my heart and still do.

GI, Highland, NY


Being her human caretaker, I questioned things as time drew near for Sophia’s final days with me. Liz was a compassionate, loving connection for Sophia to communicate her love, and convey that her life was complete because she was totally loved by her Mom. Thank you, Liz!

SB, Highland, NY